Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Persia´s 1001 Nights Brightens Cochabamba

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Just entering the Persian style interior smacks of what’s to come. The colors, the eclectic mix of objects old and new conjure an atmosphere that speaks of ancient sensibilities. Don´t think of Arab dishes! This is the Persian kitchen clarified the gracious host/owner Kazem Almasian. The traditional offering of Persian mains, appetizers and desserts is extensive. Yet this list was simplified and easily manageable for the uninitiated. Looking over the menu, I thought to try the Falafel which I believe to be the measure of any restaurant of this sort. It came to the table wrapped in FRESH Pita bread handmade in-house daily. On the palate I detected mint, parsley and cilantro producing a lively and bright flavor. Delightful. A restaurant that has a firm grasp of the classics readily hints to many more good things to come. Fulfilling promises next up was Jhujhe Kabab (see foto above) which is the most popular dish in Iran/Persia. The marinated ground chicken cooked on a skewer gave off the perfume of lime juice and mince of onion. Fresh green herbs are used for balance and complexity and this plate provided a sumptuous way to savour Old Persia right here in Bolivia.

Impressively, this is the place that Kazem built. He did all the tile work, carpentry, drew, painted and even constructed the clay gas-fire oven to make the delicious Pita! Truly a renaissance man of many talents! Kabab Las Mil y Una Noches is an example of the “mom & pop” places I seek out all over the world. But it takes a special person “far from home” to open a restaurant cum cultural center. Armed with vision and family recipes something wonderful is given the new community. And the people of Cochabamba are genuinely fortunate to have such a splendid eatery at ready access. Being on the night of my visit the tables where full of French, Germans, Aussies and locals, I think it´s good for all the rest of us, too!

Restaurante Kabab Las Mil y Una Noches (1001 Nights)
Av. Potosí esquina Portales, al lado del Centro Cultural Patiño Nº 1392
Cochabamba - Bolivia
Tel: +591-72740694, +591-71700619

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