Monday, March 26, 2012

El Maguey Mexican Restaurant - SLC, UT!

The Maguey (Mah-GAY) Plant is the main ingredient of Mexico's "Mezcal," a tequila like beverage. And the plant is so much a part of the central Mexican's sense of landscape & homeland, it makes perfect sense that there would be restaurants lovingly named
"El Maguey" all throughout Mexico and the USA, too. Popping up where the Mexican diaspora has landed a home-sick soul. Oh, so very true!

And here locally, El Maguey - SLC is a quiet West-side family eatery that comes to mind when hunger demands a steaming plate of Huevos Rancheros or Sopes (little crispy boats of corn meal piled high with a variety of goodies)! Perhaps your Achilles heel is the Gorditas, little pockets of deliciousness in a range of meaty flavors. One of my faves are the Flautas (pictured above) and, man, they are Hot! Crisp! and Sumptuous! Even though my personal preference dictates the use of Mexican cheese, I enjoyed these with mozzarella (after all Oaxaca's String Cheese is a Mozz Style and not an unknown flavor to chef's from south of the border).

The clientele is principally Mexican families. So don't be surprised to find two or three generations at a big table laughing together and enjoying brimming plates. On this second visit, it's easy to see that El Maguey is building momentum and is drawing attention in the community. Yes, there's soccer on the flat screen and much Spanish is spoken but English is very welcome! Service is pure politeness with a smile.

All salsas are made in-house (the Tomatillo & Avocado is savory yet refreshing) and the Horchata, ambrosial. Open in the morning for breakfast (a rarity) and Menudo is served all week long not just weekends. It's only a matter of time and I'll find you there for the Chiles Rellenos... just another weakness of any hungry fanatic of big flavors & low prices!

El Maguey
714 S. 900 W.

Home-made salsas pique appetites and flavors perfectly!

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This place was awesome...thanks for the review