Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shahrazad Market & Restaurant! SLC, UT

Duly impressed! We sat down as three friends looking for the flavors of the Middle-East. Each having different degrees of experience with the cuisine didn't dampen our collective enthusiasm. Open to the experience, we came eager to learn more. We knew to expect olives, garbanzos, and large wedges of lemon for squeezing but not much else. As an opening salvo, we received a large rustic Koubz bread (considered a gift from God) with a smooth hummus and a Garlic, Mint, Cucumber & Yogurt dipping sauce that peaked our hunger and fomented conversation. What's in this? Slurp. Wow, that IS good. And more noises of the that ilk...

Shortly thereafter came HUGE platters of steaming food sending heavenly aromas into the air. We dusted it all with the tart flavor of Sumac!  And while sipping pomegranate juice and laughing we ripped into plates so different and yet so delightful, we confirmed we'd be back again soon. But next time we'd bring even more friends. A secret this good must surely be shared!

Shahrazad Market & Restaurant
1615 W. 2100 S. SLC, UT 84119

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