Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ches's Fish & Chips! ~ St. John's, Newfoundland

Family tradition has it that any trip to St. John's, NL requires a visit to Ches's Fish & Chips! In part because the Freshwater Road location is a mere half block down from our grandparent's house. And honestly this first week, we've eaten there three times! First two were during lower traffic times and the Fish & Chips were incredible! Crispy batter, fish right on and the chips, PERRRFECT! But the third Ches's was slammed, packed to the gunnels and our plates arrived greasy. Argh!

When it comes to frying the adage "Haste Makes Waste" is exceptionally true. Someone should caution the cooks that when you add food to heated oil the temperature drops. And if you don't attend to maintaining temperature and add food when temp is low, the result is greasy fried food. Never an appealing thought. Two out of three ain't bad. But I now know why internet reviews of Ches's hint at spotty performance. Some rave; others call it an oil slick.

Whos right? Apparently, they all are. But this is an easy fix in the kitchen. And then we, the customers, won't play grease roulette when looking for Ches's Fish & Chips at their very best!

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