Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"On the Dock!" ~ London Dock Rum

Salt Cod produced in Atlantic Canada made it's way south to the Caribbean. To return, the tall ships were brimful with barrels of island rum increasing availability, lowering prices and subsequently changing Maritime drinking culture altogether. A 300-year-old trading tradition will certainly have that effect.

And in all that old history it's understandably there are strongly held preferences when it comes to rum; some select light for spritzing with a twist, golden for mixing the (in)famous Planter's Punch with a scrap of fresh nutmeg. And the dark rums, expressly those from Guyana, are heart felt favourites for those who look for big, essential rum flavour in a glass.

Guyana is reknown for rich, dark Demerara Rums (produced on the banks of the Demerara River, just outside of Guyana’s capital, Georgetown). Throughout history these rums overwhelmingly have been strong, over-proof (cask strength). And because of their full and bounteous flavor, Demerara rums can be aged for extended periods with very smooth results dominated by caramel and molasses flavors. Some fill a snifter just as nicely as a good cognac, to the euphoric pleasure of rum aficionados.

Fortunately, London Dock Rum is blended in Canada under license to White Favell, Vintner's of London and is a true Navy Rum coming in at 57.1% alcohol by volume. Even the label of Favell’s London Dock Rum maintains a nostalgic windjammers theme harkening back to a long nautical history. This is a stand alone rum. No need to do much but spritz and sip.

Recipe: Pour a brimming ounce over crushed ice in a frozen glass, then squeeze juice fresh from the citrus - lemon, limes and perhaps even oranges. The result is a cocktail to take the edge off the day and steep you in Maritime tradition. Shlàinte!

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