Monday, October 29, 2012

Bianca's ~ St. John's, Newfoundland

A recent visit to Bianca's on Water Street St. John's made for a boisterous evening. The spot was animated with happy diners and that always bodes well, doesn't it.

I love oysters, no apologies and will go out of my way to order them when fresh, fresh and readily available. Neighbouring Prince Edward Island is renown for the Malpeque - small, mild, briny flavour with a metallic finish. These are a perfect oyster as a lifetime addiction. And Bianca's made good show of this starter plate. The dry Sauvignon Blanc worked well in combination. I was delighted and waited with great anticipation for the next course. 

It was at this point the dinner went a little wonky. I ordered Duck Confit ($30) which is simply a whole duck leg cooked in duck fat, a process making a less than noble cut fit for a king. Now if the chef wishes to depart from the classic and shred the duck meat please let the menu reflect that. And being there are many lactose-intolerant diners (I am one) let the menu show the pasta is finished with cream sauce. Perhaps with more information I could have selected a plate which would have appealed. Luckily my dinner companion switched plates with me. She mentioned she loves duck as much as she does halibut. And I thank her profusely for saving me and the evening! Admittedly I hate upsetting a lovely evening by sending a plate back to the kitchen.
Now it must be said that the table-service was first class and it was a pleasant experience altogether. I just wish menu descriptions could be a better indicator as to what will arrive on the plate. And with that I would be happy, happy, happy.

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