Monday, October 15, 2012

Hotel Antonie ~ Prague, Czech Republic

In one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Prague’s Hotel Antonie is welcoming and nicely appointed. It began as a large ancestral home with wonderful gardens and subsequently has been renovated to accommodate guests. It is outside the center but conveniently on a tram-line (three minute walk) making it quieter, safer and cheaper than a stay downtown. Secure parking at no extra charge.

Seems Hotel Antonie is a favorite with international travelers and business people looking for an old world homey environment, breakfast included. English speaking owners provide any tourist or transportation information desired.  
In the rigors of touring-by-auto through Europe we thought it a perfect rest along the way.

We Loved Hotel Antonie. And we stayed just a bit longer in Prague because we were so very comfortable.

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Karen Sumalig said...

You mention that it's cheap yet homey and comfortable. That's what I am looking for a place to stay if I will pursue my plan of having my cheap holidays to czech republic. The place looks beautiful and peaceful.