Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bar Union · Santiago de Chile

Home to authors, musicians and to anyone who loves conversation; the Bar Union is one of my favorite spots on the planet. Countless have a list of faves, however, my short list seems to be comprised of traditional haunts that serve food, too. A place were names are known and neighbours have gathered for decades. Another characteristic that appeals is a talented staff  that weathers the years unchanged.

I hadn´t seen Sabino in twelve years. "What retire? I´d be dead next day." he says smiling with his eyes. He´s the fellow who taught me White Sangria on a hot day. He puts wonderfully ripe peaches to the nose. "If you can´t smell them through the skin they will never do. It´s the perfume you see." Once selected, the fruit is pitted and peeled then dropped into a tall glass pitcher with a sprinkle of sugar, all expertly done tableside. A long wooden muddler is used to crush the fruit and release the juices.

Now comes your part. It is for you to select the white wine. It´s Chile! And there are so many wonderful whites to choose from! Lack confidence? No matter. Sabino is quick to guide. Not a barman but a top waiter, first class. Much like the Bar Union, everything as it was done long ago when men were gracious and women were called, "Ma´dame."

Bar Restaurant de la Union
Nueva York 11 Santiago Centro
Opposite University of Chile

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