Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gin Tonic, Bangers and Mash and Bisexual Lovers! - Bridge Bar & Eating House

A long layover is never a thrill but if you’re open to conjuring a good time you can make an imposed sentence relatively painless.

So when anyone crabs about being on lock down at London Heathrow Airport (LHR), I simply say Bridge Bar & Eating House. Time of day is not a concern; they open 05.30 and don´t close ´til after the last departing flight. Quality yet unpretentious ingredients are well presented in a perfectly English manner, Bangers and Mash? Got it! Bubble and Squeak? Got it! Full English Breakfast? Got it! The place is so busy you may be obliged to sit any where space is available. I recently shared a table with a beautiful Lesbian couple who were sipping Gin Tonics at 0:900. Lovely and talkative they explained one was Lesbian and the other Bisexual. 

“Oh?” was my reply. 

When the waiter arrived, I asked for what the taller of the two was having. 

“Come again?” said he.

“Yes, I´ll have what she´s having; Gin Tonic, Eggs Benedict and a Bisexual lover, please.”

The young English waiter stood silent, eyes wide open. The ladies tittered.

“Okay. GT, Eggs Benedict and see what you can do about the Bisexual lover, thank you.”

The waiter left quickly, only to return with my cocktail in hand. 

Now to the idea of travel morning Gin Tonics, you may recoil in horror. But remember it's the journey and not the destination. And how many times in a lifetime are you thrown together with two new Facebook friends? Cin Cin, Amici Miei!

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