Thursday, April 25, 2013

No Fall of Angels? Well then, Let the Orinoco flow...

No water in Angel Falls? There´s a season? And this is not it? Oh?

Somewhere along the line, every traveler has faced disappointment. So what to do? Nothing left but change plans! With few options we hired a car, driver and navigator, as it turned out. And fell in love with it all. Had a wonderful time speeding on a good road from a southern Venezuelan town on the border with Brasil (Santa Elena de Uairen) making Puerto Ordaz eight hours later. The trip was just a little longer because of frequent stops due to the beauty on the Great Savanna, forever the land was an expanse of grassland articulated by table top mountains, smattering of sparse trees and a spit of shrub. And fortunately the savanna is also marked by waterfalls, many waterfalls, all of which struck me as being huge! We ran down from highlands with numerous tributaries and with, it seems, all of Venezuela´s water to the Orinoco River. A land effluent and engorged. 

This, of course, is where the Spanish Conquistadors sought the famed El Dorado, the "Lost City of Gold.” No evidence of its existence has ever been found other than a city named after that mythical land of riches. Evidently, whimsy and foolishness spring eternal... and we shot right past en route to the riverbanks to watch the Orinoco´s flow to the Atlantic.

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