Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sizzle, Sizzle, Bubble and Trouble

It arrives at the table sizzling and bubbling and steaming and brings to mind a scene stirring the cauldron from Shakespeare's MacBeth. Perhaps I exaggerate but everyone is wowed! No kidding!

I confess, I love bringing the uninitiated to the Rancho Market in Salt Lake City for a sizzling, bubbling Molcajete! No one gets out unmoved/unchanged. There are several reasons for enjoying the experience. Many have said they never liked a corn tortilla 'til that very moment. Of course there are flour tortillas, too! For others it's the salsas. Regardless, the star of the show is the double, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and caldron bubble MOLCAJETE! The only real trouble is that it's sooo good , you'll eat more then you ever thought you could! They're huge; we ordered two!

Man, this is fun! Hank and his father Ted Scheffler - SLCity Weekly food critic agreed wholeheartedly. Along with our companions (Gourmand Nancy Fillat, Singer Joy Tlou, and Mad Guitarist Rich Daigle) we ate, laughed, told stories of great Mexican meals, restaurants and locations which in the past had pleased us most. In other words, it was a great meal with enthusiastic eaters. At the Rancho Market you'll be an enthusiastic eater, too. Give it a try. Provecho!


maria said...

OMG! i have to try this. can you deliberate in the filling, i'm thinking rajas, manchego cheese, onions, salsa....please, please let me know - oh some chorizo would be soooooo good!

is it like queso fundido? hmmm- it look chunkier?

Mick Huerta said...

Maria, your first impulse is really very good! They start by heating the molcajete on open flame, add Salsa Verde and Oaxaca Cheese, next come the roasted nopales, spring onions and jalapenos, then topped with carne asada, pollo & camarones. Queso fresco adorns the top! Incredible! And yes it is a queso fundido with a mountain of delicious items on top! Guau! You will love it!