Friday, August 7, 2009

"Windows on Baikal"

While indulging in a bit of reminiscing and reviewing fotos taken in Siberia, I found a series I shot of the windows of homes around Lake Baikal.

Please note, the houses themselves are without paint. Oddly, only the windows receive paint and a splash of creativity and fanciful flourish. I was so taken with this novel approach to home maintenance, I broke out the camera just to shoot the series, "Windows on Baikal". I share five of the many taken that day!

Being this principally is a food blog, I should add that we consumed mostly black bread, smoked fish, the caviar of Omul (a fish found only in the waters of Lake Baikal) and the Cup-O-Potato-Buds re-hydrated with boiling hot water from many a samovar. Russian Standard Vodka, was the tipple of choice - sometimes mixed with Schweppes' Bitter Lemon (more readily found in Siberia then in North America it seems). Ah, Siberia I love you well!

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