Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Couples will Prattle – Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

“From least likely to most likely in one meteoric shot. How unlikely is that?”
“One meteoric shot?
“Well, it took just a bit longer. But that’s the way it seems.”
“No other way of describing a little brother who out does you. And then there’s the millionaire commercial designer cousin who’s absolutely rolling.”
“What’s all that got to do with you and happiness?”
“Exactly. I’m an old soul. All the hubbub, all this activity simply fills in the space between birth and death. ´Snot a big deal. It’s just that I have a feeling that I am meant for something bigger… and that’s why I don’t get upset about the little stuff. All this is not really what I’m meant to be doing.”
So tell me, what were you meant to do?”
Oh, I suppose I was to loll about beachy places in nice linen suits, eat small salads and sip the native cocktail facing the sea. Maybe become a writer scribbling the stories of the other guests in the same hotel. You know, the casual holiday romances that lead to steamy sex or the couples breaking up because they can’t stand the frightful calm in paradise, and all that. Nothing overly creative, the public wouldn’t stand for it. You know, just tell´em the way you see´em.”
“So that’s your calling? What you were meant to do?”
“In the grand scheme of things I suppose so. I just need a book deal to get it going.”
“Really, must be comforting to know exactly what you were meant to do. A life spent poolside in a chaise lounge, how exciting is that?”
“That’s why they call it being an author. No one would have any respect for the position otherwise.”
“So how are you to get the book deal?”
“Ay, that’s the rub, my dear.”
“Another brandy?”
“Just a finger, please.”

(the above snippet based on conversation overheard in the restaurant of Hotel Rosario del Lago in Copacabana, Bolivia while enjoying a glass of Viña Tarapacá Red and a spectacular view of Lake Titicaca)

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