Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Write your own Jungle Book - with GIN LIMON!

Traveling tropical zones can produce a thirst that knows no equal. And for many the traditional warm weather remedy Cuba Libre (Rum & Coke) is sweet, sweet, sweet and lends itself to hangovers of university freshmen proportions.

Fortunately in Latin America there are trade agreements with Spain meaning we have LARIOS DRY GIN of Malaga! Larios made according to the "London Dry Gin" method (since 1863), is distilled twice in copper stills using select fruit and aromatic plants inclusive of juniper berries, lemon, bitter oranges, coriander, cinnamon and almonds. It goes down well with any on-the-go lifestyle because Larios is a subtle blend of fruity, floral and spicy flavours which mix nicely with just fresh LIME JUICE. Depending on how rustic your location the ice could be optional, even though I prefer a cube or two.

Some years ago while spending time in Spain, I discovered the Spanish Gin Cocktail of choice - GIN LIMON. And it's rather, rather good!

2 Jiggers of LARIOS GIN
Splash Lime Juice
A Little Sugar to Taste
Splash Sparkling Water
Cubes of Ice

Shake up all ingredients and serve.

The result is refreshing and light. Yet when touring the amazing Amazon wilderness where accommodations can be a little primitive, you'll not find a full bar! And most assuredly, never a tin of tonic water! That's when my little GIN LIMON variation comes in handy.

One bag of Limes
One bag of Ice
One Perfectly Sharp Knife

Mix all ingredients (al gusto) with a few locals and serve. Sprinkle a little sugar to balance sour to sweet if that appeals. Rim the glass with powdered sugar if you're inclined to the froufrou. Or just go comando - you´ve got the knife!

Now its cocktail hour and time to write your own Jungle Book, with LARIOS DRY GIN! Salud!

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binky Sanchez said...

I miss that gin, have plenty of good memories of it, also a few non memories