Sunday, September 11, 2011

It´s Not Nice to Fool PachaMama (Mother Nature)!

A wet September night in an Andean city? That´s all fine and good if not for being well out of season! Really the Andean world is divided into two dynamic times of year. Just two! Only two! Wet & Dry! This side of the equator we, in South American, are now expressing Awti-Pacha (Dry Season/Autumn-Winter) which is followed by Jallu-Pacha (Rainy Season/Spring-Summer). Tonight it rains two months early? I sit drinking Coca Tea peering out a droplet speckled window and wonder what has become of the world. I suppose it best to allow scientists and industrialists to dither over sunspots, weather cycles and global-warming while the rest of us contemplate the impact of antiquated technologies mucking up the planet as it rains in the Andes two months before Jallu-Pacha, the aforementioned rainy season. Umbrella at the ready, I continue to look for a smaller footprint and wait for the day when we all live directly from the sun and wind. Oh, the coming of that liberating day! And wouldn't it just piss off a few two-legged fossils dreaming of new oil reserves?

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John Schellinger said...

Brah Mick! So good to read your fine words. It is, of course, the midst of rainy season on our climes; although it hasn't rained as much as expected, so our days have been semejante Primavera, which is fine we us. Hopefully you'll enjoy the full moon's appearance where you are and bask in it's healing heartful silvery beams, amigo! No deja de escribir tus sentimientos, Sr. Mick. Abrazos fuertes!