Sunday, November 10, 2013


The oranges, mango, bananas and avocados have arrived in the city! Fruit seems to be everywhere. And the Rodriguez Farmer's Market is popping with color, activity and eager shoppers... Straight from the fields and nearby tropical zone, the farmers' markets are one of the oldest methods of marketing by small farmers directly to the people. And that's certainly true in La Paz, Bolivia. The freshest produce is always to be found first right here and it's a joy to be in the hussle bussle! And the oranges are 25 for $1.80! Okay, I'll take 50! So there is to be fresh squeezed juice every morning, smoothies, Crepes Suzette, Canard a l'Orange, Sicilian Granita, Caribbean Rice cooked with Coco & O.J., savory reduction sauces and... come to think of it, I'll take 100! And next week I'll take on the mangoes.

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