Friday, November 22, 2013

Industry of All Nations Stiffs Andean Knitters - $1250! And right before Christmas!

The company "Industry of All Nations" has owed non-profit Spirit of the Andes $1250 for eight months. As an unpaid board member, I have attempted to collect the outstanding amount. I, now, receive this very unseemly letter from Juan Diego Gerscovich Co-Founder of INDUSTRY OF ALL NATIONS. Read for your self, I am attacked personally and then comes the accusation of fraud, he alleges that SPIRIT of the ANDES mixes fibers and looks to deceive rather than sell 100% Alpaca as promised.... Simple truth is that in March 2013, high quality 100% Alpaca garments were delivered to Industry of All Nations from Spirit of the Andes. And Spirit of the Andes has yet to be paid... end of story. Spirit would like to resolve the problem and in the future never work with the likes of Industry of All Nations again. Being there has been no move on the part of Industry of All Nations (even after repeated communication) to pay the outstanding balance, we feel the need to go public...

 In Juan Diego Gerscovich own words:
"Learn how to be a good and helpful human being and business person instead of messing up with other peoples life.
I will call on the right authorities to let them know how you are manipulating and using the knitters for your own small benefit.
This is the reason we will not pay you one cent for the samples you did for us, maybe next time you will be more responsible and less selfish with your actions. 
Forget about your ego and work to give work and opportunities to everybody who needs it, in Bolivia and everywhere else in the world."

"And by the way, we have been told that all your sweaters have a synthetic mix although you sold them to us as 100%Alpaca."

Juan Diego Gerscovich / Industry of All Nations
Even though Juan Diego Gerscovich admits above that the garments were sold to Industry of All Nations, Spirit of the Andes has yet to receive "one cent."... and all this right before Christmas!

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