Thursday, November 28, 2013

Traditional Bolivian Kitchen packs Surprises! Sancho Panza Bolivia!

A cascade of surprises! First is the name! Sancho Panza? A reference to Spanish literature? Hailing from Madrid Pablo Zarate has had great success in La Paz with Spanish Restaurante Sancho Panza. He now teams up with Bolivian Enrique Mendoza and Bolivian Chef, Cristian Vargas to launch Sancho Panza Cocina Boliviana

The menu is truly national in scope. Foods from the mountains, valleys and lowlands are featured in daily specials and coupled with an ample salad bar and buffet for all the sides you can eat. A wine list selected to complement the dishes purveyed, thrills the palate. And the list of national beer labels is as delightful as it is comprehensive. Chef Vargas attends to time-tested traditional recipes, uses only local ingredients and elevates it all to achieve a beautiful dining experience. The environment is well appointed. The service is attentive without being intrusive. And prices are very affordable. It's the perfect restauarant for the traveller who wants to enjoy local fare and, also, for the Bolivian who wants to savour dishes that grandmother lovingly prepared for the family.

Nestled amongst international hotels, the restaurant is situated nicely on the second floor of Hotel Las Brisas on Calle Illampu making it easy to find from all points in the city. Even though just new on the scene, Sancho Panza Cocina Boliviana is one of the finest traditional kitchens in the city!

And, by the way, count on the surprises!

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