Friday, November 22, 2013

INDUSTRY OF ALL NATIONS Reneges on Payment to Bolivian Knitters!

INDUSTRY OF ALL NATIONS is Past-Due $1250 (8 months) to some of the poorest artisans in South America, (SPIRIT of the ANDES)... and this is called fair trade?

Below please find the most recent correspondence ignored by Juan Diego Gerscovich Co-Founder of INDUSTRY OF ALL NATIONS:

Dear Sr. Gerscovich,

INDUSTRY OF ALL NATIONS can't ask some of the poorest women in the world to gift their labor and alpaca fiber to make your proprietary designs... It's unconscionable let alone unethical.

Our "OVER DUE" policy is a flat 15% of the invoice if it isn’t paid in full within 6 months. And another 15% if the invoice isn’t paid within a year…  rather lenient terms really.

"OVER DUE" $1250. This outstanding amount must be settled ...

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